Be who you are!

There's nothing "average" about our customers. You're unique individuals who know your own needs and likes.

Why do you choose Virginia Aromatics? Mostly you've told us you love our essential oil scented products, but that's just part of it. You want to support a company where someone will to talk to you about your needs. You like taking the time to read labels, and appreciate transparency in the labeling of products. You want to know the source of what's going into the air you breathe or what you put onto your skin. You want to learn more about finely crafted fragrance and skincare products, and want the products you bring into your home to be made from honest-to-goodness pronounceable ingredients. You want to know that the company you support and rely on for your skin care is ecologically and socially responsible. Virginia Aromatics products are proudly cruelty-free and made in the USA. We enjoy talking with you, listening to what you need, and we do our best to deliver what you've asked for.


What do you crave? Will you enjoy your candle while settled on the sofa with a book? While relaxing with just a glass of wine and your thoughts? Or for romantic ambiance? Maybe for light, when a big snowstorm knocks out the power? Or just because it smells good? Does it help you feel creative when you're working? Imagine accords that uplift, soothe, and harmonize. Blends that ground you after a rough day, cleanse you after a good work-out, or transport you for a while.


Being green

You are among a select and special niche: our lovely customers are the cool kids who deserve a beautiful unboxing experience, but would be just as happy for us to pitch our widgets into the box and send them off without fanfare. Who needs lots of sexy packaging that goes into the landfill? Our minimal outer packaging is made from recycled, reusable or biodegradable materials. Since we're all sharing the planet and none of us escape (not even to Mars), we do our best to do our part.

As part of our hand-made manufacturing process, we receive loads of deliveries of ingredients, containers, and the like, that come to us with bountiful protective packaging. You'll be pleased to know that all that packaging material gets re-used, re-purposed, or recycled. Literally nothing goes in the trash.

    • Packing peanuts: if you get packing peanuts from us, it's because they came to us in a delivery of ingredients. We'd never order them. Gross. Secure them in a bag so they stay put and use them when you ship Aunt Sally her birthday gift.
    • Bubble wrap: resist the urge to pop it. We know, it's so much fun, but really, re-use that stuff. Using AIR for protective packaging keeps your shipping costs way down because it weighs least of all posssible packing materials, and uses less fuel during shipping. Imagine a UPS truck full of air packing instead of paper or worse, styrofoam. We usually get enough bubble to reuse it without having to buy more, but when we do, we purchase only green recycled-content bubble wrap. It's literally green.
    • Boxes: we use the messed-up ones at home for lasagna gardening. It keeps the weeds out and the moisture in. The good ones go to our local indie shipper business, who then doesn't have to buy any.


Our Beginnings

Virginia Aromatics is a tiny apothecary with a big heart, nestled in the tranquil foothills of Virginia's Blue Ridge. We're a family-owned business, bringing you small-batch, handmade apothecary products of premium quality since 2008. We offer a unique fragrance experience to customers who want their self-care and de-stress routines to be uncomplicated, luxurious, and filled with scrumptious natural ingredients. Our wizardry with essential oils, soy wax, beeswax, botanical carrier oils, and plant butters is worth getting naked for. Our company culture is respectful of the earth and her inhabitants, creating cruelty-free formulations and reducing our footprint wherever possible. Step into the old-world indulgence of boutique handmade apothecary with our luxuriously moisturizing soaps, skin care, soy candles and other fragrant delights.


Hand Crafted...

Our first line was Lux Aromatica, which means "Fragrant Light" in Latin. We make candles, lotions, perfumes, soaps and many other skin-loving goodies. We also offer bottled essential oils for those seeking aromatherapy. Your skin is your largest organ - it absorbs everything you put on it. Taking good care of your skin is just as important as being mindful of what you eat! We design our luxurious formulas from natural ingredients such as essential oils, soy wax, beeswax, botanical butters and more. Free of coal-tar additives, parabens, phthalates, silicones, sulfates and formaldehyde.


Who we are


Kerensa is from Amherst, Virginia and holds a Bachelor's Degree of Architecture from Virginia Tech. She learned sewing and needlework as a very young child, always asking her mom if she could “soft” the fabric. Before founding Lux Aromatica, her professional work centered around high-end textiles and things of the home - a love that took her to live in Florence Italy for three years, where she worked in Italian leather and furthered her study of oil painting and photography.

Having bought her first essential oil at age 12, using essential oils for scenting her candles was the logical thing to do. Her candle hobby began in the 1990's with recycling the wax of old candles into new ones. Tending the slowly melting wax became a meditation, the process soothing and unhurried, and is still one of her favorite parts of the process. She also enjoys reading, gardening, playing with the pets, bicycling, restorative yoga, pirate-lore, and anything beach.

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Brian recently retired from the US Navy as a Chief after sailing the world's seas for 20 years. Having spent his Navy career as a Machinist's Mate, he become very excited about the possibilities of microwave essential oil distillation techniques for our tiny lavender farm. With his business degree from Roger Williams University in Rhode Island, he brings an appreciation for intelligent business systems to the team and now manages our Charlottesville location, C'ville Soapbox, as well as our wholesale business.

He is an apprentice soap-maker and loves volcanoes, anthropology, gardening, and scary movies. He began playing violin and viola as a child, and plays mainly classical with our regional orchestra, as well as fiddle & Irish styles. Originally from New York & Florida, he spent most of his Navy years stationed in Hampton Roads, and now we count him a Virginian.

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Virginia Aromatics is proud to support local charities and currently provides donations of soap to local shelters for homeless people and survivors of domestic violence. We send soap to overseas military service members and when disaster hits, we send soap where needed. Through out the year, we find other ways to give.

If you would like us to consider donating to your charity, please provide a letter of request containing information about your organization and proof of your 501(c)(3) status. We will review your request and contact you if we are able to help.


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