For those of you affected by the invasive Brown Marmorated Stinkbug...

We've created an essential oil complex that stink bugs run from, in an all natural wax base. The idea is to keep them from getting inside. If the cold of winter naturally diminishes their numbers, all the better. I tested all the essential oils that I thought would repel stinkers and if they ran from the test strip, it went into the pot. Although its purpose is a departure from our normal fragrant delights, it smells good anyway!

This is a brand new product, created the last week of September 2017 out of desperation. I don't relish facing another winter of my husband screaming cuss words at them and stashing them in a plastic container that follows us around the house.

Buzz Off Gold is currently available at our shop, in Orange at Lacy's and in Culpeper at Harriet's General.

PERSONAL NOTES: We have an old wooden house and brushed it directly onto the painted wood trim and metal parts of openings. The small tin was enough for four regular doors, one large window, and two garage doors. Brush a continuous line along doorways & windows, getting into nooks & crannies. You have to apply it to ALL your openings to get the full effect. The wax is not visible. The bugs decamped immediately. It will obviously have to be re-applied at some point, more frequently to rain-exposed openings.

CAUTIONS: Test on a small inconspicuous area first to be sure it won't affect finishes. This is a greasy product. We say test first, to see if 1) there’s any change to surfaces or finishes and 2) if you can live with that change to keep the bugs out. Not meant for use on people or on pets - the oils are too strong.


  • Day two: we couldn't smell it anymore, no bugs.
  • Day five: the stinkbugs (and spiders) are still gone. The weather has been clear since initial application.
  • Day six: weather still good, had to dry-brush some onto the door screens. Still no stinkbugs inside. I made a water-based spray version. It's largely ineffectual as it lacks the sticking power of the wax, so I don't want to market it. There has to be that barrier to prevent them creeping inside.Reapplied wax around all doorways.
  • Day eight: weather still good, still no stinkbugs inside. They hang out on the screens, but they're not inside, nor are they piling up in creepy little lines to get in.
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