When Brian received orders to Japan, inspiration struck for naming a fragrance I'd been working on for a year. It was a dark seductive floral. Kyoto is that fragrance, and its mystery will hook you. There exists an Eastern preference for scents that are deep, heavy, spicy florals with animalic undertones. Kyoto has a distinct rosewood and white flower opening, with amber and black currant sweetening to a soft, lingering finish, a little haunting, a little ethereal.

Lux Aromatica, our original collection of luxury essential oil candles, is a perennial favorite that marries minimal packaging with elegance. Our candle is a renewable vegetable creation of soy wax, essential oils, and cotton wicks. Hand-poured into our heavy tumbler and sealed with an eco-friendly cork lid. We pour a little love into every candle, shaping it into an experience that feeds the senses, pleases the eye, and gives back to the earth. As your candle burns, the slowly melting wax dispenses essential oils into the air at a steady, pleasant rate. Soy's low melt point preserves the integrity of the oil itself, allowing the aromatherapy benefit to fill the air.

Ingredients: Soy Wax, Essential Oils, Cotton Wicking, Love

Fragrance profile: rich floral, amber oriental, sweet wood


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