An energizing tonic that uplifts and revives, the zesty aroma of Lemongrass has been traditionally considered to promote psychic awareness and spiritual purity.

Lux Aromatica, our original collection of luxury essential oil candles, is a perennial favorite that marries minimal packaging with elegance. Our candle is a renewable vegetable creation of soy wax, essential oils, and cotton wicks. Hand-poured into our heavy tumbler and packaged in our iconic eco-friendly kraft tube. We pour a little love into every candle, shaping it into an experience that feeds the senses, pleases the eye, and gives back to the earth. As your candle burns, the slowly melting wax dispenses essential oils into the air at a steady, pleasant rate. Soy's low melt point preserves the integrity of the oil itself, allowing the aromatherapy benefit to fill the air.

Ingredients: Soy Wax, Essential Oils, Cotton Wicking, Love


Fragrance profile: citrus, warm fruity

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Fresh and Clean

JB on 31st Jul 2018

This is one of my favorites! It has such a fresh clean sent and makes your house smell wonderful. The candle smell last for well up to a year whether you use it daily, weekly, or monthly.


Jessica on 23rd Aug 2014

I just wanted to say that the Lemongrass candle I bought from you is hands down the best home purchase. Amazing product!

Fresh, clean, lemony

29th Oct 2013

Fabulous lemongrass scent is fresh, clean and delicious. Perfect for any room and would be great in kitchen, too.