Pure linen towels - rugged fibers that can last a century. Like all our designs, these towels capture the balance of rustic sophistication, offering enduring quality without being too precious to use. Perfectly sized for use as hand towels or tea towels, eclectic enough for any decor.

Hand-sewn in-house and locally printed with water-based, eco-friendly ink. Fringed edges and twin-stitched side seams. Featuring inspirational quotes, humorous zingers, or delightful seasonal images.

Each towel is individually hand-made and will vary slightly from it's brethren. Also, the slubs of the fabric give each towel its own individual character. Size generally runs 18" W x 28" L, and shrinkage will be about 8-10%. Machine washable & dryable, but air-drying is better for the fabric. Hot water and machine drying will increase shrinkage.

Occasionally I'll use black or colored thread for the side seams, but normally the thread matches the fabric.

I also have a few raw hemp towels on hand. I'd like to offer them on a regular basis but have found the fabric supply to be unsteady to date. Once I find a steady supply, these will also be available in all the designs.

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