Sandalwood, patchouli and cedar wood notes are braided into a creamy, diffusive blend that mellows the soul. Thought you didn't like patchouli? We used aged, copper-distilled patchouli, and while Rare Earth is a perennial favorite with our self-proclaimed hippie customers, we've surprised many who have discovered that a well-balanced patchouli is a wondrous fragrance.

Our lotion is ideal moisturizing even the most sensitive skin. The rich emollient concoction quickly soaks in for a smoothing, soothing experience. Lovingly hand-blended from botanical carrier oils, shea butter, and essential oils, Lux Aromatica lotions are vegan friendly and contain zero mineral oil! Eight (8) oz bottle.

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Aloe, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Emulsifying Wax NF, Cocoa Butter, Hempseed Oil, Sunflower Oil, Palm Stearate, Essential Oils, Optiphen-Plus (Formaldahyde-free Preservative), Sodium Lactate (Botanical-based Moisturizer) earthy spicy, woody

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