Your pet's coat needs animal-safe ingredients for gentle cleansing and deep conditioning. Our Muddy Paws pet soap bars have oatmeal & castor oil for just those needs. We also pack our pet soap with and insect repellent Cedar oil, as well as Neem and Catmint.

One last word - don't say you'll never wash a cat until you bring home a teensy flea-bitten foundling who crawled under the car at work. Our little Zoe was our first pet soap "customer" to try out our bar - after we'd tested it on people. Our pet bar is so gentle and soothingly scented that many of our customers use it themselves!

We make our soaps by hand with the centuries-old Cold Process Method, packing skin-loving butters and oils into every bar. Always store your bar on a drainable surface so it dries out between uses.

Four ounce bar.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Water, Cocoa Butter, Kosher Soy Wax, Sodium Hydroxide , Hemp seed Oil, Castor Oil, Sodium Lactate, Cedarwood Oil, Cat Mint Oil, Neem Oil, Oatmeal, Kaolin Clay

These days we pack our pet soaps in re-usable muslin bags.

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Muddy Paws the BEST

Joni Addington on 22nd Mar 2016

We love this soap. It lasts a long time, even bathing our dog 1-2 times per week. She smells SOOOOO good - and because she sleeps with us - that is important. LOVE THIS SOAP!