Bursting with sweet ripe fruit, our Lemon brightens the day and lifts the spirit. It's a crisp, distinct Lemon with an irresistable sparkle that pulls you back for yet another sniff. Easily our most popular fragrance, and meant to be enjoyed in any space, pairs especially well with our liquid soap by the sink.

Transform your de-stress routine to a luxurious experience with the uplifting fragrances of Virginia Aromatics. In our small-batch studio, we begin with paper-core wicks, then gently blend our scrumptious essential-oil-based, pthalate-free fragrances into molten wax. After hand-pouring our candles, we package them in eco-friendly kraft and wrap with labels of our own design before sending them out to the world.

60 hour burn time (7 ounce)

Fragrance profile: citrus, warm fruity

Always use care with candles and flame. Remove any packaging. Trim wick to 1/4” before lighting. Keep melt pool free of debris. Burn within sight on a stable, heat-safe surface, away from drafts and flammable items. Limit burn time to four hours. Do not use cap to extinguish flame. Keep from children and pets.

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Fresh and Clean

JB on 31st Jul 2018

This is one of my favorites! It has such a fresh clean sent and makes your house smell wonderful. The candle smell last for well up to a year whether you use it daily, weekly, or monthly.


Jessica on 23rd Aug 2014

I just wanted to say that the Lemongrass candle I bought from you is hands down the best home purchase. Amazing product!

Fresh, clean, lemony

29th Oct 2013

Fabulous lemongrass scent is fresh, clean and delicious. Perfect for any room and would be great in kitchen, too.